Meet our AsiaAssist team
and our partners

AsiaAssist believes in close collaboration with its clients and partners
in order to ensure the success of your brand in the Chinese market.
Therefore our team works from Amsterdam in the Netherlands and from Shanghai in China.

Our Team

Our Philosophy

We build for long-term success

Our integrated end-to-end services help your brand to be fully in control in the Chinese market.
So you can work on long-term success.


Our process is lean and agile

We continuously analyze your customer's needs and buying patterns.
From the initial start till the operational phase where we provide your brand with actionable customer insights
to help your brand to stay lean and agile and able to anticipate to your customer needs.


Being fully in control of your brand

AsiaAssist enables brands to have a direct-to-consumer business model. This direct approach enables you to have control of the way your brand is presented to and interacts with consumers throughout the entire process of packaging and merchandising to marketing and customer experience.