We offer an end-to end service
to sell directly to your customers.

AsiaAssist allows you to sell directly to Chinese consumers. Our integrated, end-to-end set of services offer you the most convenient way of staying adaptive and fully in control in the Chinese market. The approach of AsiaAssist is lean and agile and creates actionable insights that have direct impact on your business in China. Below you can see some of the key services we offer in our integrated approach.

Market research

Before deciding if a direct-to-consumer approach is the best market entry for your brand we carry out intensive market research. We conduct an extensive data analysis of market and shopping data obtained from respected sources. This serves to give insights in where opportunities or challenges lie for your brand. We will validate your market and help you reduce the risks of entering the most complex market in the world.

Customer insights

Doing extensive market research is good but not sufficient to be confident about your market entry in China. The psychographics of the Chinese consumer are changing very fast. Average income levels are increasing in many cities in China and Chinese people get more exposed to Western culture and consequently their attitudes, aspirations and desired quality of life change rapidly. We carry out in-depth research by talking to potential customers all over China. Mapping your brand's potential customer gives actionable insights which are crucial in delivering the brand positioning for a low risk market entry.

E-commerce operations

After having conducted extensive market research and created actionable customer insights we know where to be present in the customer journey of your brand's customers. We will start building all the channels and stores online to reach your customers. Once these have been built our team of dedicated e-commerce experts will manage and optimize these channels for you to create a highly efficient and effective customer journey to drive traffic and sales.

Order fulfillment

We offer warehousing and order fulfillment to our clients. We store your products in China with one of our partners and select the best logistic service providers to ensure the highest quality of service towards your customers. The customer journey of a customer does not end when they have bought the product but is an a continuous loop and ongoing process. With our team we ensure that we make the customer smile when they receive their product and if there are any issues we will make sure to solve them for your customer.

Data driven-insights

Data driven-insights are key to achieve success in e-commerce in China. Insights obtained, for example, by analyzing social media metrics, geographic, demographic and psychographic data, shopping data and other data sets, can give your brand a competitive advantage over your competitors and helps you to stay adaptive in this complex market.

Financial process

You do not necessarily need to have a legal entity in China to operate your business in the Chinese market and sell to your end-consumer directly. We can set up the entire financial process involved, from the arrival of your products in China until the collection of the sales revenues from your customers, and we will support your brand in every operational phase. This makes our services truly end-to-end.