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About us

We are convinced of the power of e-commerce. With the right approach and a keen eye for the interests of the customer, you can make e-commerce a successful venture. In our student days, we travelled through the many glorious countries within Asia, where we took time to immerse ourselves in the culture.

This is where our shared fascination with economic developments in this part of the world arose. We have gained experience in the field of data analysis and sales positions at one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Europe, which has proved to be the backbone of AsiaAssist.

We have decided to capitalize on the advancement in technology, and offer our services online, while living and enjoying life in China. The internet is the most popular form of shopping in China, so now is the best time to take action. But, it can be difficult to establish yourself, which is where our passion can help!

Jean-Paul Schmitz
Jelmer de Jong
Director Business Development
Louk van de Sanden
CCO & shareholder
Dimmes Doornhein
Chairman advisory board & shareholder

We see opportunities for companies that:

  • Offer quality products with USPs in their brand
  • Have a quality brand image with a good story
  • Are able to sell online and wants to reduce costs for distributors
  • Have shown that they can sell internationally

Why are we the right partner for you to make your investment a success?

  • Through data-driven marketing
  • Exclusively focused on China’s upper middle class
  • As a mixed European and Chinese team with a total of more than18 years’ experience in the field of e-commerce and data analysis
  • Transparent reporting, allowing you to manage day-to-day sales
  • Common interest in fast results