Want to enter the Chinese market?

It’s a big step and challenge to enter China. That's why it's important to enter it in a thorough way. AsiaAssist helps brands to enter China through the proven Think-Build-Operate methodology. Read more below or contact us today!


For every company, it’s a big step to establish yourself, and grow, in the Chinese market. Every company is unique, and that means a unique approach is required, while minimizing the amount of risks you take. If required, we can carry out a feasibility study, so that you have a clearer picture of the potential of the Chinese market.

AsiaAssist trades through the proven Think-Build-Operate methodology, which is explained below step by step.


The feasibility study will display the chance of success so that you can make a well-considered decision about possible investments. An essential part of the research is getting to know both the brand and your team well, so that we have the tools to assist your company.

Once we have a clear picture of your organization, your vision and definition of success, we continue the research. In addition to an analysis of the market potential, we make a proposal for a market-entry strategy, which includes a cash flow prognosis and in-depth forecast. Based on this well-founded report, you can make an educated decision on your potential investment in the Chinese e-commerce market.

The feasibility study answers questions such as:

  • What is the Chinese market potential?
  • Who are the local and international competitors?
  • What are the best sales channels for your service or product?
  • What is the expected return on your investment?
  • What is needed to achieve success in China?


Once we have agreed what our common goal is, we will move on to the next step: Building your brand on the market. For example, we use reputable platforms such as JD.com and Tmall.com, to increase brand awareness of the e-commerce elements of your brand.

In addition to these large platforms, you can also opt for a platform that is more specialized in the products that your brand has to offer. This way, you can laser-target your desired group of consumers.

Other aspects that are part of this so-called build phase are: building the online store and the marketing funnel, setting up the customer service, locating the brand, coordinating storage & transport, and making the API connections.

We also take care of the product photography, the organization of the necessary social media channels, the processing of orders, the platform registration and the implementation of the payment system. Plus, we translate all product text, so that your store is ready to start attracting Chinese customers. AsiaAssist is specialized in building and positioning your brand at the top in the Chinese market.

We deliver:

  • Platform registration – e.g. Tmall & Tmall Global, VIP, Suning and Jd.com
  • Translate text and branding to Chinese
  • Product photography
  • Web shop design adapted for the Chinese buyer
  • Organizing logistics and fulfilment
  • Customer support training
  • Organizing and setting up social media and online marketing
  • Implement payment systems
  • Reporting system


From the moment your brand enters the Chinese market, we arrange the sales of the products to the customer. Our professional sales team strives to continuously optimize the marketing channels and the e-commerce shops. Your company should subsequently generate more sales, and your brand will get stronger on the Chinese market.

We also take care of online marketing; for example, by allowing your company to participate in sales events, your business will be more visible on important Chinese platforms, and conversion will increase.

Our services are not limited to sales, because AsiaAssist also handles the processing of customer feedback, customer service (pre- and aftersales) and financial settlement. Furthermore, we provide the reports and the forecasting, so you are always aware of every single development.

  • Customer service (pre- and aftersales)
  • Front and back-end design
  • Conversion optimization
  • Online marketing
  • Registration and preparation for sales events
  • Financial settlement
  • Inventory management and e-commerce fulfilment
  • Forecasting and reporting

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