Looking for a data driven e-commerce partner?

As a full service e-commerce partner, we provide comprehensive and transparent reports.

Business intelligence and reports – “Transparent and complete”

To provide you with a transparent view into the results of your company in China, we supply you with comprehensive and detailed reporting. In this report, we highlight the figures of recent sales in an orderly manner, so you can see if you’re on an upward trend. Alternatively, it’s beneficial to spot a downward trend, so fast adjustments can be made.

With these reports you can, if you wish, see how your products or services are performing on the Chinese market on a daily basis. From the very beginning of the sale, AsiaAssist receives very detailed data on the entire sales process. Based on this report, you as an entrepreneur can make well-founded decisions about future investments. Thanks to these valuable pieces of data, we get a simplified picture of how the conversion can be optimized.

We can, if one product is proving to be extremely popular, rearrange your online store so that the product can be pushed to the next level in terms of sales.

The three advantages:

  • Constantly improving customer experiences
  • Increase the conversion
  • Optimal inventory management

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