The right product photography for optimal conversion

We do product photography for many brands from our studio in China. Why? For many brands we are close to production which saves a lot of time and money! Interested in product photography for your webshop? Contact us today!

Product photography – “For optimal conversion”

Before the Chinese customer proceeds to purchase a product, he or she first wants to get a good picture of the purchase. Professional product photography is essential for your business to run successfully in both China and the UK. AsiaAssist has the knowledge to enable photography to meet the expectations of Chinese customers.

Product photography takes place in China, because AsiaAssist has its own photo studio in Shanghai. Since in many cases we are close to production, this saves time and money. The requirements of the Chinese consumer are known to us. That is why we offer this service. Our experience ensures that the customer gets a clear picture of the product.

Fashion photography in particular is one of the specialties of our photographers. We like to take care of photography for both shoes and garments. You can also opt for model photography, so that the customer gets a better picture of the fit of the clothing. Besides fashion photography, we can also be of service to you for example with the photography of electronics, watches, furniture, jewelry and food.

We also do product photography for European customers with a webshop in Europe.

The benefits of this service:

  • Faster and more professional online
  • Higher conversion
  • Less returns
  • Higher margins due to lower costs

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