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Our Services

In order to enter the Chinese e-commerce market as a European company, it is necessary to cooperate with a so-called TP operator or obtain a license to setup an office. To achieve this, a lot of money, time and energy is needed, which is what the AsiaAssist team helps to save you from wasting.

AsiaAssist provides operational web shop management in China and takes care of the entire implementation of the e-commerce channels. We do this, so you can worry less about the finer details, and place more focus on the core of your company.

In addition, our pre and aftersales customer service faction in Shanghai takes care of handling all customer questions regarding orders. We also provide online marketing services on sites such as Tmall and JD Global, so that your company performs better on the Chinese market. Our teams in Shanghai and Rotterdam ensure that your products or services reach a mass audience in China.

At AsiaAssist, a good market entry, conversion optimization, optimization of the average order value and retention are of paramount importance. We work closely with you and your company, because within our partnership, you are the expert with your own products or services.

AsiaAssist offers (full-service) customized solutions for the ideal brand experience: 

  • Fulfilment and return solutions (also cross-border).
  • International solutions for online payments and reconciliation.
  • Business intelligence and financial reports.
  • Full service e-commerce solutions via all possible online channels in China.

AsiaAssist offers the following services:

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